Haunted room

Last week we spent lots of time deciding upon the scenes and elements. First, we made a list of all the possible physical interactions we could think of, and ideas for the different projections. Then we picked our favorites and the ones that were easy to do. That led to our list of needed furniture and components. After that, we then distributed our picks of interactions along the 4 scenes we wanted. The individual scenes will most likely take 2-5 minutes, depending on the content of projections and number of mechanisms that are triggered.

The initial interaction with the viewers outside the window is simple. After much discussion we decided to have the different states run in sequence, parallel to the clock ticking through the hours, to give the impression of how the room progresses through the course of the night. The viewer will come up the window and be prompted to “flip a switch” (which will be in the form of a cap-sense switch on the window) that will set the clock in motion and with it the room with all it’s mechanisms.


List with all our interactions, possible videos for projections, electronic components needed and furniture.

Overview of States


Different states and mechanisms that will trigger.


Rendering of the room elements. I think the book will have more sense next to the radio, so it is arm reaching distance of sofa. And we get rid of the crouch table.

Perspective Rendering

Perspective rendering of the room.



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