Month: September 2016

Concept Presentations (KEW-P)


Concept 1: make time flow backwards.
The idea is to give the user the ability to make time flow backward. We think the visual aspect of this is very striking, and it’s an easy connection to make with the overarching theme (TIME). The challenge would be making the ferrofluid, and having it remain “workable” throughout the whole week.


Concept 2: fading memories
This concept is a little more ethereal. It’s based on the amount of memories you create as time goes by, and the sort of “time stamp” they can have on your life. The big idea is to have thermal printers constantly be printing paper, and when people text a memory to the machine it gets printed. Like a time stamp in the time passing in your life.
We had to visual aesthetics. One that looks like a  pinball machine, and another one that’s very clean and simple white aesthetic.


Concept 3: time is relative
Our last concept deals with the fact that time is relative, meaning that it is experienced differently by every being on earth. The idea then is to have different-sized orbs that represent the different sizes of animals, and then have lights turning on/off based on the heart rates of the animals it’s representing. People can then can come up to an orb and place their hands on it so that it beats based on their heart, and they can see how they experience time vs everything else.

Kris, Emmanuel, Wippy & Paula

Team GLAM: Design Proposals

IDEA 1: Vintage Camera Theme


Camera takes photo after you press the button, counts down, snaps photo and the window goes dark, sending a stream of lights to direct you to the second window.


Viewer’s face is projected onto objects in an attic scene.

IDEA 2: Time of Death


Window 1

Capacitive touch will be mapped to statistics based on height, size and strength (if possible) and give a suggested average time until death.

Window 2

You stand in front of the window and the crows start landing on you, and the longer you stay the more crows come.



This idea somehow blending together with the twilight zone.

IDEA 3: Micro Time


Viewer can see those in front of the other window as being inside of the microwave. Viewers can add 30 seconds, start stop. Time passes very slowly, images in screen are in slow motion in relative to time.


Viewers in front of second window can see the viewers standing in front of the other window as though they are looking in. Time passes normally in this window.

Lights flash in microwave when cooking to make it feel like they are really getting microwaved. When clock reaches zero, there is a DING













Portals, instruments or death?

This week we came up with three themes that we would like to explore as possibilities for our final display.

Theme 1: Portal


In this concept, the two windows will be exactly the same with a mixture of physical computing and digital elements. Users can stand in front of a window and via a Kinect interact with the window of the second user. For example, the man in the blue shirt can move the pulley in the window of the man in the green shirt.

Theme 2: Instruments


This idea is similar in that we want to incorporate physical computing and digital elements. The window on the left would work with capacitive touch to play certain sounds in the window on the right. In this window there would be physical objects reacting and making sounds depending on what the user of the left window decides. Users could manipulate the sounds as well as the timing of these sounds.

Theme 3: Life cycle



In this concept, we will showcase the life cycle of a mayfly and a gastrotrich in respective windows. The mayfly lives for one day and the gastrotrich lives for three. The window display will change in real time to accurately depict the life cycles.

– Nikita, Yao, and Kevin