Month: December 2016

Current Times, A Pop Up Window Installation

Current Times from Gal Nissim on Vimeo.


Gal Nissim: Body Scan, Fabrication, Mixamo Design, Max Patch, Unreal Engine Integration of 3D Avatars, Scenic Design
Lindsey Johson: Body Scan, Chat App Designer and Developer, Scenic Design
Angela Perrone: Body Scan, Fabrication, TV stand design, 3D Mesh Work: merging meshes, texture baking & mesh & texture editing,
Michelle Hessel: Body Scan, Fabrication, Unreal Engine Scenic Design, Unreal Engine Integration of 3D Avatars, Scenic Design


Current Times is a social commentary exploring the current state of human communication, where we exist in a physical world yet are trapped in the digital world, only to communicate to the outside through digital devices.

Window 1: The Physical World
This window features the live person (when not present, a sleeping dummy of a live person)

Window 2: The Digital World
This window features the Avatars in their digital environments along side the Current Times chat app.


Step 1: 3D Body Scans

To accomplish this we used:
iPad mini
Structure Sensor
Skanect (mac software)
Structure (ipad App for scanning)



Step 2: Merge Meshes, Bake Textures & Edit Model

To learn more about this step check out this blog post.

This is a tutorial  that shows the step-by-step process of how we baked the textures onto meshes.

Step 3: Add Mixamo Animations to 3D models and Import to Unreal Engine


Step 4: Create Avatar Scenic Environment in Unreal Engine

Step 5: Create Max Patch to connect avatars to Unreal


Step 6: Design & Develop the chat application feature

This chat app was designed and developed for the Current Times window display as a way for the live person to communicate through their avatars with the outside world.


Step 7: Bring Avatars into Unreal Engine

Step 8: Set up Remote Desktop to control the Max Patch connected to the avatars in Unreal Engine on the PC in one window, from a separate MacBook used in the second window.

Step 9: Set Up & Connect

Current Times, The Making of an Interactive Pop-Up Window Display from Angela at ITP on Vimeo.

The Installation